GCX IP Transit Looking Glass

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1. The test is initiated from one of the GCX routers within the selected POPs and city.

2. Content providers makes own decision on what content and from which location to be served to the end user and at what times. Typically based on the public IP address of the end user (IP block or AS levels), and need not necessarily be served from the most optimal location considering technical constraints / system loads, regulatory or other policy decisions. Similarly, ISPs decide on the preferred path / AS network to reach any destination networks. While GCX can make optimization requests to destination networks on customer.s behalf, it cannot guarantee that the destination network will oblige.

3. Results for end-users may vary and is subject to the network configuration of serving network, added latency of any access circuits etc.

Legal Declaration : (Provided on as-is basis to help prospect evaluate our network service and for customers to troubleshoot / diagnose. Results may be based on instantaneous internet routing config, whereas the routing tables are dynamic in nature, no guarantee consistency or continued availability of this tool, risks, liabilities etc.)